Pick Iceland for your wedding

Want to get married in Iceland?

Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The population is around 333,000 and the country is 108,000 Reykjavík is our capital city and the population within the capital region is around 180,000. We speak Icelandic and use our own currency, the Icelandic krona (ISK). Iceland is the land of fire and ice where you can explore volcanoes and glaciers, amongst other natural phenomena.

We offer beautiful locations for weddings, wherever you want to get married in Iceland. Ceremonies can be held either outside or in churches, and last but not least, you can have very unique wedding photos taken within Icelandic nature.

Getting married in the summer or winter time?

Get married in Iceland

 The lovely summer time

The official first day of summer is the first Thursday after the 18th of April. Sometimes we still have snow on this day but usually this means that the spring is coming and the weather starts to get better. The heat in the high summer season from June to August is around 11-12 degrees and that is the most popular time for people to visit Iceland. In the summer time you can experience the long summer days and the midnight sun with all the beautiful colors that comes from the sunset and sunrises. The weather can still be pretty unpredictable in the summer time, it can be windy and sometimes wet so good clothes are always must have. The highland roads are open in the summertime so you get to experience the highlands and if you like hiking or camping the summer is the best time.

Examples of available activities in the summertime:

Fishing, Diving or snorkeling, Biking, River – Jet, Hiking in the highlands, Horseback riding, Golfing, Super jeep trips.

Get married in Iceland

 The Winter Wonderland

The fall starts early September and shortly after that the winter arrives in October. The days get shorter and we only have daylight for about 5-8 hours over the winter time. However in the winter time you get to experience the amazing northern lights in Iceland. The weather in the winter can be even more unpredictable so for those who are going to travel around it´s good to be well prepared and always look at the weather forecast before leaving. Iceland is not always covered in snow in the winter time, but you are more likely to have more snow and cold in the north of Iceland then in Reykjavík. Icelanders use the geothermal pools and the hot springs all year around and there is nothing like having a busy day out in the snow and going to the hot tub afterwards.

Examples of available activities in the wintertime:

Frozen waterfalls, Skiing or snowmobiling, Winter adventure in the highlands, Ice fishing, Super jeep trips, Ice walking/climbing, Diving.

Few practical information


Average temp in summer time is around 12c.

Average temp in winter is around 0c.


Iceland is within greenwich mean time (GMT) and therefore summer daylight saving time is not observed.

Shopping, business and banking hours

Shopping hours are Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00 and Saturday 10:00/11:00 to 14:00/18:00

Shopping malls, souvenir and bookshops in the city centre are open at weekends.

Office hours are generally Monday-Friday 08:00/9:00-16:00/17:00 and banking hours are Monday-Friday 9:15-16:00.

Emergencies or medical attention

Icelandic emergency phone number is 112. There are hospital and medical centres in the cities and towns of Iceland. For further information check


Bus services are available in the larger towns, however there is no rail or subway system in Iceland. Taxis are also available and in major cities there are also taxi ranks.


Tipping is not required in Iceland, gratuity is always included in the bill. If, however, you feel inclined, Icelanders appreciate and accept it.

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