Finding The Perfect Iceland Wedding location

Oct 14, 2016Wedding in Iceland

Want to find the perfect Iceland wedding location? We can help you! Iceland is one of the most popular destination for weddings! Iceland offers beautiful locations for weddings. Waterfalls, black sand beaches, volcanoes and cliffs are among the most magnificent wedding locations. Small beautiful churches are also in many parts of the country if you want to get married in a church. Yet getting married in Iceland means that you need to be ready for some weather changes. Icelandic weather is highly unpredictable and therefore you can not count on a good weather on your wedding day. However, even if the weather turns out bad you probably still will have amazing experience in Icelandic nature!

Summer or winter wedding in Iceland?

In the summertime you get to experience long days, green landscape, midnight sun, better weather and open highland roads. While in the winter time you can experience the white landscape, northern lights and many of Icelandic winter activities. Most of all, since Iceland is really popular among tourists right, now is the time to plan your wedding in good advance!

Few questions to answer regarding the perfect Iceland wedding location

Prefer being alone with your partner and/or guests or not minding a lot of tourist around you?

Want a location with amazing view over Icelandic nature?

Preferring a location by a waterfall or water?

Does it matter if you are not able to drive to the location?

Do you rather want an adventure wedding including Helicopter or Super Jeeps?

Just want a beautiful quiet place in the nature with not much sound (sounds from waterfalls can be high)?


Finally, the options for outside wedding locations are endless. Luxwedding specializes in finding the perfect Iceland wedding location for you. Let us help you plan your dream wedding. For more information please go to our website

Iceland wedding

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