Volcano eruption in Reykjanes Peninsula

A volcanic fissure eruption started at 22:17 December 18th, on Sundhnúkagígaröð north of the town Grindavík. Large lava fountains were observed in the beginning with high activity. The power has decreased. The area had previously been evacuated as a precautionary action. The eruption does not pose an immediate threat to people and no further evacuations are necessary at this moment. The area around the eruption is closed by authorities including the Blue Lagoon.

Iceland is open and safe

Iceland is open and air traffic to and from Iceland is operating normally. The impact is localized at the eruption site. Iceland is open and safe. 

Here is a link to a live feed from the eruption site from the National Broadcasting Service ruv.is.

If you are interested in knowing more about the eruption you can follow the latest news at the Icelandic Met Office.

We would love to help you plan your trip to Iceland. Photo is taken in may 2021 at mount Fagradalsfjall.




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