Iceland waterfall wedding

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Iceland waterfall wedding

When Chad and Sidney contacted Luxwedding to help them plan their wedding they wanted to keep things simple but still get the adventure feeling of Iceland. They traveled to Iceland before the wedding and we went together to find the perfect ceremony spot! Chad and Sidney traveled with their family and friends to many of Iceland´s great locations before the wedding and did fun activities like snowmobiling and the Blue Lagoon. They had a rainy day on their big day but that didn´t stop them from getting married by the waterfall they had chosen.

We asked Chad and Sidney a few questions regarding their wedding in Iceland.
Why would you recommend Iceland as a destination for weddings?
 Iceland has beautiful landscapes everywhere you go and the people there are so kind and welcoming!

“It was even better!”

What was the best thing about your trip to Iceland?
My favorite part of our trip was seeing all the waterfalls and riding snowmobiles over the glaciers.
Do you have a favorite place that you visited?
Skogafoss was awesome going to the top but Blue Lagoon was really cool too!
Was getting married in Iceland somehow different from what you expected?
Yes! It was even better! We got married in the rain and our pictures were awesome!
Do you have any planning tips for those who would like to get married in Iceland?
Yes, I would definitely use Vigdis and an awesome photographer like Megan!
Why would you say having a planner is important?
We would have never been able to choose all the places and there were so many things I didn’t even think about!
What would you say is a must-do in Iceland?
You must go to the Blue Lagoon & see the black sand beaches!
Thank you Chad and Sidney for a great time in Iceland, we wish you all the best!

Photography – Sage & Heart Photography – Megan Jolie

Florist – Blómahönnun

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Iceland wedding

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