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Wedding in Iceland – The unpredictable Icelandic weather

The weather in Iceland can be highly unpredictable both in the summertime and wintertime. The only thing you can do is be prepared for any weather to come at your wedding in Iceland! Because of this unpredictable weather we at Luxwedding think it is very important to have a plan A, B and C for your wedding. If you think calm weather with sun and heat is important, Iceland is probably not the best place for you. However, though you can’t count on it, the weather can be pretty nice in Iceland. I even think the most beautiful weather is when it´s snowing in the wintertime!

Average temperature in the wintertime is between – 3°C and 2°C. Yet it might feel a lot colder if the wind is strong.

Average temperatures in the summertime is between 8°C and 15°C.

 Wedding in Iceland – How to be well prepared for the Icelandic weather?

Clothing and Footwear

It is best to wear layers in Iceland, this applies both for the summer and winter time. Bring wool as your first layer, fleece as your second layer and windproof raingear as your third layer. You might only use your first and third layer in the summertime and all three of them in the wintertime. You will need a buff/scarf, gloves and warm socks in all the seasons.  But you may want to have them extra warm in the wintertime.

Hiking pants are a good idea in the summertime and an extra warm winter coat is also good to have in the wintertime. Wear good hiking boots and don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, swimwear and camera in all seasons! You can watch this video from inspired by Iceland –

Clothing on your wedding day in Iceland 

Most brides and grooms want to wear wedding dresses and suits at their wedding in Iceland. I recommend that brides wear a long dress so they are able to wear comfortable boots underneath on their wedding day. It´s also a good idea to put on a good wool tights, wool shirt and warm socks underneath the wedding dress or suit, especially in the wintertime. This is important if you are going for a photoshoot in Icelandic nature. Remember to have warm winter coats with you to put on between photos!

Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland may include some very different driving conditions than you are used to have. The weather plays a big part and gravel roads, single lane bridges and sheeps on the road might be a new thing for you.  I recommend that you watch this great video about driving in Iceland


There is nothing like driving around the countryside in the summertime, the daylight varies for so long and you can watch the midnight sun in many beautiful places. Here are few tips and considerations about driving in the summertime.

Please be aware of the road surface and slow down when the road changes from being tarmac to gravel. Always stay on the road and never drive offroad in Iceland. Offroad driving is illegal and you will have to pay a huge amount in fined, it can also damage the nature and leave marks for decades. In Iceland we have a lot of one way bridges, this means you have to be careful and slow down to make sure no one is coming from the opposite direction. When you want to stop the car please find a safe place to park and don’t leave your car on the road or on the side of the road. If you see sign that the road is closed, well that means it´s closed! If you want to go on the F roads that lead to the highlands of Iceland you will have to have a 4×4 vehicle. The F roads are open from Mid June to September depending on conditions. You can check the road conditions and openings at


Ice and snow will be your driving partners in the wintertime from October/November to March/April. If you are not used to driving on icy roads or in snow you might want to skip self driving and go with some of our great travel companies to explore Iceland. Also you will not need a car in Reykjavík if you are staying in the center and most of travel companies offer pick up in Reykjavík.

However, if you think it´s a good idea to drive by yourself then check out the following wintertime tips:

  • Always rent a 4×4 vehicle in the wintertime since the roads can be icy and make sure the vehicle has a studded winter tyres (from Nov-April).
  • If the weather conditions are bad please drive slower than the speed limit. The maximum speed limit on tarmac roads 90 km/h and 80 km/h on the gravel roads
  • Again, remember to slow down when you see a one way bridge.
  • Always check out the road conditions before you leave at and you can always call them to check on how the roads are.
  • Keep in mind that the ring road can be closed in the wintertime so always be prepared for unseen circumstances in your travel plan.
  • The weather can suddenly change and you might not be able to get to your destination on time.
  • What you should always keep in your car is mobile phone and a car-charger for the phone, food, shovel, back up money and extra sets of warm clothes.
  • Another important thing in the wintertime is to clear away snow from your car.
  • Finally the worst weather conditions are when the wind is very strong, The wind can turn a nice snow day into a big snowstorm where you are not able to see anything around your car. Please always check the weather forecast before leaving at

At Luxwedding we offer many options, wether you want to drive by yourself, use our services for driving or arrange driving for a group of people, we can even get you a luxury transport. Getting a driver on the wedding day is a great idea and opportunity for you to relax and enjoy your day.

And please keep safe at all times

Leave your travel plan at

 Please install the 112 app to your phone:

If you are thinking of getting married in Iceland and you have any questions please contact us, we are more than happy to answer your questions. Luxwedding specializes in planning your Perfect Iceland wedding. For more information please go to our website

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